Monday, 8 December 2014

Last week was mainly about ....

1st - 7th December '14

An impromptu visit to Lincoln to look around the University and listen to our final BA Illustration course talk.  The University was pretty impressive and the course tutor we spoke to at length was easy going and informative.  Had a much needed free cuppa afterwards - these visits are quite exhausting!  We caught the early train from Spalding to Lincoln and arrived to be greeted by a flurry of tiny snow balls falling from the sky - it was bitterly cold (that blue sky was very misleading!).  We mooched around a few shops first and I had a bit of a spending spree on present buying, coat buying and lunch too before heading off to the Uni.  As we had an hour to wait for our train back home, we ended up in Costa for cake and more tea and then, because we'd been out and about all day, we picked up fish and chips for tea!  The perfect day in my books.

What else has been happening this last week - well, lots of new items have been made for selling and, rather nicely, lots of sales have been happening too.  I think people are buying earlier this year than last and it'll be interesting to see if the buying trails off earlier because of it.  A new destination too for one group of goodies - Australia.  Every sale, whether overseas or in the UK, is an appreciated sale -  I always have a nice feeling when an item goes off to a new home.

Finally, these adorable new cat charms.  It's quite difficult to find spot on cat charms form my work but suddenly (much like the mini leaping rabbits), I spotted these - aren't they super?  I'm not sure whether I should call them fat cats in my descriptions, but they are rather on the Winter tubby side and have that wonderful rather sour cat face.  In fact, I reckon someone actually based these charms on my very own Pepper!

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