Thursday, 9 October 2014

A wallet for myself

I was due to start this project in May, after my birthday, and it took me far too long to finish, but finally, having been completed and road tested for a month or so I thought I'd show you what that I have made for myself.

 photo weewanderwallet.jpg

As horses are my thing, I couldn't resist buying some Michael Miller Wee Wander Summer Ride fabric just for this project.  It comes in three colour combinations, white, green (sea foam) and dark pink/red (melon).  White I knew would show the dirt quickly, so I was left to decide on green or pink.  Over the course of a few weeks (yes, a few weeks), I flicked between the two colours on my laptop screen ... decisions, decisions.  Eventually, I went for the green, as my new birthday bag is a dark olive green.

A fabric arrival is always a lovely thing (sorry, perhaps it's just me).  A neat package with carefully folded and beautifully ironed fat quarter of special fabric, just for me.  It stayed carefully stored for another few weeks as I was too scared to cut it!!!

Finally, the day arrived.  I'd sorted out the other complementary fabrics to work alongside my Wee Wander, and off I went cutting out, pressing, adding interfacing and then marvelling at my new, unsewn creation.  Actually, at this point in making a wallet it usually sits in a bag for another week or so ready to be sewn, but on this occasion I was raring to go and luckily, the sewing process went without a hitch.

The finished result was spot on - I adore the happy horse on the coin purse section.  I do like to test drive anything I make to weedle out any niggles and problem areas - so using my wallet every day has helped sort out any issues that need addressing.  So far, I'm very happy to say, I haven't got any - other than the zip, which in my opinion opens the wrong way (away from me, rather than towards me), so I'll be taking extra care to position the zips correctly on future wallet makes.


littleRamstudio said...

What Fab Fabric!

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thank you, I love it :0)