Monday, 1 September 2014

With thanks to Bevolee

 photo I'm not usually that lucky when it comes to giveaways so I was bowled over when Beverley of Bevolee got in touch via twitter to say I'd won a roll of washi tape.  For those that haven't come across the words washi tape before let me explain.  It's an stationery item from Japan and it seems to have taken off in a huge way.  It's a bit like printed masking tape so naturally is ideal for making packages and letters look a little prettier.  Delve a little further and you can discover a vast array of ideas for this gorgeous little item.  I started my own Pinterest board, but I've only scratched the surface!  Google washi tape and you'll see what I mean.

So, within a couple of days of receiving the good news, my little package arrived.  Not just the delightful roll of washi tape, with its pretty pale green leaf design, but some yummy sweets and a gorgeous painted "hello lovely" slate sign, which is now hanging in my kitchen.  What a joy ... thank you so much Beverley.

Other than prettying up my letters and packages I wasn't too sure what else to do with my washi tape.  It's delicate leaf design is the kind of thing I'd look for when choosing a ribbon as an embellishment for one of my small items.  I began to wonder if washi tape could be used in sewing (other than for marking out a cutting line).  Obviously, anything I make needs to stand the test of time so I decided to try out the washi tape in a wet environment first to see how well it remained stuck.

washi tape

Cue toothbrush.  We buy our family toothbrushes as a pack of 4 usually and there's always one that never gets used (because said recipient is a very careful teeth cleaner and the bristles never splay).  This means we're usually left with the same colour toothbrush in the cupboard.  We now have 3 blue toothbrushes.  Rather than go out and buy another in a different colour for myself, I wrapped some washi tape around the top to identify it as my own.  This has been on for at least 2 weeks now and hasn't shown any signs of deteriorating.  Excellent news ... I'll move on to making a little keyring using washi tape and put it through its paces.  I'll let you know how I progress.

Pop over and check out Beverley's beautifiul website Bevolee - illustration, photography and graphic design.

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