Saturday, 5 July 2014

Working at full steam.

I can finally say, with a big cheesy grin, that Ellie's Treasures is now fully open on Folksy and Etsy, with new stock being listed as frequently as my sewing capabilities allow!  It's been hard work but it's fabulous now it's all come together and back up and running.

Things have been very exciting on the E.T. front since May with a few custom orders, renting and stocking a shelf at The Wisbech Craft Centre and, within the last week, selling horse themed brooches and keyrings at Peewee Saddlery, a gorgeous little tack shop in Long Sutton, South Lincs who also have an online presence.

horse themed brooches and keyrings available at Peewee Saddlery

How lovely it was to be told that several brooches and keyrings have been purchased through the Craft Centre as end of term teacher's gifts.  It made me wonder if I could find a buying pattern to try and stock up on the kind of charms people prefer.  So far it seems owls and sailing boats score pretty high online and at the Centre.

As well as sewing new items to sell, I've finally set aside a few hours a couple of times a week to work on a new wallet for me.  I was given a gorgeous new handbag for my birthday and felt I needed a new wallet to go with it.  Having sourced the most gorgeous fabric from Michael Miller (taking many, many weeks to decide whether to buy the green or coral version!), I've been extremely careful in my cutting out and sewing so I don't make any mistakes and waste any material.  It's coming along just as I hoped and I can't wait until it's finished - will post up some pics when I'm done.

New ideas keep popping into my head so I madly scribble them down in my notebook ready to start working on them.  Fabric baby keepsake wallets were one such new idea and are available at the Craft Centre - this one was made as a special gift for a friend.
Baby keepsake, Ellie's Treasures

Hope you are all keeping busy too and enjoying whatever you are up to.  photo black_catThumb.gif

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