Thursday, 11 April 2013

Enjoying the outdoors

The farmers have been very active on their fields these last two weeks so I reckon they must know something we don't about the weather!  Looks like the field close to our house is going to have potatoes planted in it this year.  Love this pic, taken by Paul, looking through the gap in our garden fence.  It's a very handy gap for nattering to our neighbour Jill!
Fields ready for potatoes
Because of all this activity in the fields and the fact the we've had a few pleasant days I got the bug to get outdoors and start sorting out my vegetable plot ready for sowing some seeds.  Paul did the first lawn mow of the season (it certainly needed it) and I dug away and weeded the plot surrounded by all four chickens enjoying a tasty treat of plenty of worms.  Feeling on a roll I decided to weed the circular section just next to the veggie plot that was, I believe, once a well (as we have something similar around the side of the house).  It had a tree planted in the centre when we first moved in and was used to hold up our washing line.  The tree was surrounded by a rotten circular seat and covered in honeysuckle and as the years went on the tree deterioriated, died and eventually collapsed taken the seat with it!  I've decided it'll be ideal for my herb garden (currently along the conservatory wall).  The circle has an edging of bricks and I thought I'd see if there were any more hidden under the grass which has gradually grown over it all.  I found more-or-less a complete circle and have enough spare bricks to fill in the small gap.  Will look great once I've moved over my chives and sage and add basil and perhaps parsley too.
Unearthing the well surround

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