Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Turning into Fort Knox!

the feathered crew

I believe I have bored hens - it's a first I have to say - but these hens keep escaping from the garden.  

Obviously 1/3 acre of free roaming garden is just not enough for them, even though this includes a lovely compost heap to dig around in and plenty of worm infested borders, hedges and bushes to keep them amused and bug hunting for hours on end.  As soon as the main gate it opened for outgoing or incoming cars they rush with all their lopsided might to find juicier worms in pastures new (actually, most of the time they head just over the road to a completely grass free garden (he hasn't yet laid his lawn)).

I have clipped the wings of three of them to no avail!  They still fly up onto things and then give me that "haha" kind of look.

Seeing all four of them in our neighbour's garden pecking around the bushes and then hearing reports from another than one hen blatantly went up to their patio door window to torment the dog made me decide it was time to take action.

The previous home owners left a load of fencing sections which have had their uses over the years.  I've used some up-ended by the fence either side of the main gate and two more at the side of the house to block the exit there (although I've seen one hen fly up and over it - clipped wings or not!).

Fort Knox!

It looks absolutely awful to the eye and Ben said it's like a fortress!  However, joy of joys we only had one escapie moment from Lola today - for the remainder of the day, all four stayed happily (or not) in our garden!


Teresa Connolly said...

Lovely story and glad you found a handy solution to the escapees!

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thank you Teresa - they're still escaping, but not quite so frequently!!

Millicent said...

Love you hens Elaine! Sounds as though they have attitude. Thanks for following my blog and for the link to the Folksy badge, that's brilliant. I'm looking forward to getting on with it now. Love all your makes. I'm almost there with home schooling - Milly's just turned 16, and she mostly sorts herself out now; I'm really just there for guidance if she needs it. Lovely to meet you.