Saturday, 2 February 2013

So we've had the snow ...

and now the temperatures have risen and, although the wind is quite blustery, it feels Spring is just around the corner (although we had a flurry of snow first thing this morning!).

As always I loved waking up to a white world, but this year, the excitement of it didn't last as long as usual.  Having to drive to the yard twice a day takes its toll when roads are slippery from ice, snow or slush!  It took a while to melt too, but while it was here we had a bit of fun in it, of course!

We took the sledge out, as we've done in the past, pulling it behind the Land Rover with Ben sitting comfortably having a ball!  I think we drove faster this year, keeping a careful eye on our young towing passenger behind so he didn't fall out :0)  He loved it, the road was mighty slippy and at one point he was weaving from side to side and in absolute hysterics! 
On day two of the snow we had plenty for snow ball fights and made a snow dog.
snow bear
Weirdly after a week of temperatures in the minus numbers the temperature started to rise to about 10 degrees and has hovered around that mark ever since.  The sun's been out and it's been pretty pleasant out there (even started me thinking I'd get on with digging the veggie patch). 

Our four hens have kept us egg-less since they all arrived in late Summer, but during that chilly spell we had our first egg and now plenty of eggs are appearing in the hen house every day.  Naturally we grumbled about the lack of eggs, now we are kind of grumbling about the sudden influx of eggs!  Lots of baking, carbonara, egg fried rice and fried egg sandwiches are making a small dent in our ever growing supply.  We came across a large stash of eggs in the bushes the other day - perhaps they'd been laying for longer but we hadn't been finding them!  That's often the way I believe and I'm sure there's other little stashes around the garden we have yet to discover.
egg stash!
Roll on Spring, lighter evenings, warmer days, yep, that's what we all like.

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