Sunday, 23 December 2012

I think we're about ready ...

... for Christmas!

Last pressies and grub bought today - just need to knuckle under and wrap everything and then we're done.  I was amazed how quiet the shops were actually.  No empty shelves, no long queues, not jostling and elbowing to get to the mince pies.  Does that mean we're all hyper efficient this year and gotten ourselves ready for the festive season in good time?  Perhaps it means tomorrow, Christmas Eve, will be the mega rush day around town!

The decorations have been up a couple of weeks already and it's been lovely to sit and look at the tree in the evenings as I sew.  The snug is looking particularly festive with our brightly patterned Dragon Lights displayed with a garland of (fake) holly on the mantlepiece.  We've had them quite a few years now, bought from Lakeland, and I'll be really upset when they decide to die on me.
Katie and Ben made their gingerbread houses last night.  They've made them for the last few years and I have to say, being 15 and 13, I was a little surprised at how messy they look compared to other (supervised) years!  Apparently it's all about the sweets and icing - ie how many they can cram on to and around the house before it collapses = a much tastier eating experience afterwards.  Oh well, they had fun and it's not every day they get to eat so much sugar!!
The weather has been awful here this last week, as it has in so many other parts of the country.  For the first time, driving to and from the stables, we've noticed how full the dykes and drains are with some managing to burst their banks to flood the roads - although not dangerously.  All the fields, with fresh crops growing, are completely sodden with rivers dotted here and there.  I do hope the weather settles soon, it's been a really miserable winter so far with ice, wind and now rain.  Roll on those lighter mornings and evenings too.  Roll on a better 2013.

Wishing you all a lovely festive season and brilliant new year.  I appreciate all the support you've given to Ellie's Treasures this last year - looking forward to another exciting year ahead of me.
I'll leave you with a picture of a section of lights in Peterborough town centre.  They were magnificent - a drapped sheet of white fairy lights hung over the square with big lit ball decorations hanging from them.  Breath taking.
Peterborough Christmas lights


Laurie said...

Great photos! Those gingerbread houses look overwhelmed with candy :)

Love the last photo with the lights!

I wanted to invite you to join our weekly Sunday & Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop if you have time this weekend. Come link up and join the fun :)

Happy Holidays!

Chel C said...

Oh, you should have sent me a message and I could have met you! I only work next door to the Cathedral. The lights were beautiful this year along with the market. Did you manage to see the Christmas market in the Cathedral precincts? Chel x

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

We were too late for the market, but saw all the stalls etc., looked fabulous. Where do you work then? Is it that shop that's in a basement - not sure of its name. Hope you had a super Christmas. Best wishes for 2013.