Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Here's my new purse wallet!

I'm just a little proud of this I have to say (not usually one to boast!). 
Ellie's Treasures
No "snap shot" post for this last week because hubs and I have been redecorating the dining room and it's taken the whole week (why does it take so long?), but it was worth the effort as it now looks fresh and fab.  It was in desperate need of a face lift and with Jasmine White paint now on the walls, this North facing room looks bright and welcoming.  Also, I spent most evenings of the last week finishing off my new wallet.

The fabric wallets currently available for sale all have slot in pockets for business cards, notes and small items that need to be kept safe in one place.  They are ideal as keepsake holders for special events - weddings, anniversaries, births etc., but not really suitable for holding cash.  Quite often people would ask if my wallets had a secure area so I started to incorporate an stud fastened internal pocket as I'd never really tackled zips before and was a bit afraid!

Recently, I came across a post on facebook where someone was looking for a pretty lady's fabric wallet that was just that, a proper wallet, with sections for money, coins and cards.  The lady couldn't find anything suitable in the UK so that was it, time to start planning and sewing!

It's taken me a while (new things usually do) to finish as I've been extremely careful at each step of the way.  I started out choosing fabrics that I loved in case it went a little wrong and I needed to keep it for myself (which I'm very tempted to do anyway).  As it happens, I'm over-the-moon with the finished product and have added it to my shop
Ellie's Treasures
As always, the wallet is completely hand cut and hand sewn (which adds to why it's taken me so long to make).  Cut from pretty mixed fabrics in blue, white and pastel green combinations, fully interfaced and lined.  There's four internal slots for cards, and the top has an open section for notes and a zipped section for coins.  Centrally bound with embroidery thread and held securely together with a velcro strap with plenty of give as I know coin sections can get rather lumpy at times!

Obviously fabric items that may be used regularly will in time get dirty, but this wallet can be spot cleaned with care and may be ironed under the protection of another cloth, like a tea-towel.

I love it - hope you do to.


Love Maisy Lee said...

The details you have added are so pretty.
Decorating takes for ever,i bet your glad it's finished.

Donna x

Anonymous said...

Hi. I stopped by from the Crafty Folk Etsy team. Your purse is very functional and pretty! You put a lot of thought and love into your work. Much success to you!

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

@Donna - oh yes, I am pleased the redecorating is over ... for now! Hubs is thinking we should crack on and do the living room now :0/

@Handmade Cuties - thank you so much :0)