Monday, 25 June 2012

Snap shot ...

for this week.

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary!  What a lovely surprise to receive two fabulously pretty flower arrangements from relatives.

Anniversary flowers
Anniversary flowers
We decided to give Kan a good bath this week.  Risking skin, limbs and anything else by doing so, it turned out to not be so much of a chore after all.  Obviously he didn't like the water, but he didn't really fight it (only got one tiny scratch from the whole thing) and came out looking very white and with a very pleasant smell to him!  I'm not one to bath my pets unless I really need to - not nice to put them through the ordeal, but Kan, after his little fighting accident the other week, still smelt of oil and was looking extremely scruffy and in need of a spruce up.
I've joined Instagram through my mobile phone and love it!  Anyone else out there using it? I've been building up my followers, mainly through Twitter contacts, and am enjoying seeing all those cool, cute and wacky photos and adding some of mine to the collection too.  Here's a couple I took last week of Poppy and Tilly.
Have been busy on the shop front making and listing two new brooches, one of which has sold already - yay! After much thought, I decided to return the selling price for brooches and key rings to £6 (+ postage) as I they seemed to sell well at this price and I do like to see my things go to a good home!

Ellie's Treasures
Ellie's Treasures
Hope you all have a great week.

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