Monday, 11 June 2012

Snap shot ...

Oh dear, we've had a couple of poorly pets this week (both are much better now though).  Kan decided he'd get into a fight Tuesday evening which, this time, he didn't win!  He shot into the house last thing at night and disappeared so we didn't see the extent of his injuries until the morning.  Poor thing had teeth marks and pretty nasty wounds all around his neck, a weepy eye, a lump under this chin and, just to help in his sad appearance, he was completely covered in dirt!  Lots of cleaning up, salt water washes, plenty of sleep and tlc and he's more or less back to normal.  Kan, although much loved by us all here (and the neighbours - he's a bit of a "six dinner Sid"), does find it hard to socialise with other felines - he's a bit of a run and hiss, "get out of the my way" kinda chap.

Mrs Tiggs with Poppy
Any way, our other invalid was Mrs. Tiggs our ex-battery hen.  All my fault, absolutely horrible mother that I am, I shut her foot in the hen-house door.  Heard that awful <> and froze, and there she was, hopping around trying to keep her balance.  She was quite happy to eat her breakfast though, and lay me an egg, but once the grub was finished I scooped her up and brought her indoors to inspect the damage.  The internet suggested putting a "duck foot" splint on, to keep the foot straight.  Apparently their little bones can heal in 3 days (a week for a good mend).  She managed to keep the splint on for 1/2 day and was far too interested in hopping out of her safe box and having a nosey around the house.  Having put her back in the hen-house over night and finding she'd been more than capable of jumping down for food in the morning, I risked letting her loose in the garden.  We've only had a couple of nasty head peckings from Georgie, but now Mrs. T is happy to hop around on one foot with Georgie following her, just like old times!  I wonder if she'll ever be able to use her hurt foot again?  We'll have to see.

MrsTiggs with her splint!
The weather, as I'm perfectly sure you know, hasn't been up to much, so when the forecast hinted at a dry (but overcast) Saturday, Paul and I jumped at the opportunity to get under the Land Rover bonnet to have a tinker.  Don't ask me what needed doing, I was just the helper to go under the car and un-screw jubilee clips and help with other simple jobs.  What I did know was that nothing could get at all wet!  Lo and behold, 5 mins into starting we felt the split splats of rain and had to cover everything up and keep our fingers crossed.  The sun did eventually come out so Paul was able to successfully finish the job.  He was pleased it all went to plan, but sadly it hasn't fixed what ever problem it is that's keeping the car off the road.

Land Rover
We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday yesterday with a lovely BBQ in the warmth of the sun.  Being a classical music lover we found a print of the world made up from old music manuscripts - once it's framed it should look great in his study.  Do you like the little tag I made for him?

Ellie's Treasures

Here's Ben with their new kittens.  This one is Jennifer, giving Ben a welcome kiss!  Polly is a little more reserved - she remained curled up on the bed just keeping an eye on everything and everyone!
Ben and Jennifer


Amy Upton said...

Hi, just popping over from the folksy blog forum, Love your blog! and love the little gift card on your father in law's present! what a great idea. hope mrs hen is back on her feet (both of them) soon xx

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you Amy. Mrs. T is doing very well actually and is beginning to use both feet now! Amazing!