Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chilli Jelly

I've never really been a huge fan of chilli peppers, although I've grown them a couple of times as hubs is pretty fond of them.  He always has a bit of a go at me for not growing or buying really hot chillis so, with his birthday this week just gone, I decided to surprise him and use Scotch Bonnet chillis (they're hot, believe me!) to make Chilli Jelly.

The process is rather painful, and I'm not talking about the usual getting chilli seeds under the nails or rubbing your eyes after handling them (even after washing your hands, several times).  The pain was from the first process of the making - dissolving the sugar in the white wine vinegar over a low heat.  The fumes were unbelievable and lingered around the house for the rest of the day!  Everyone in the vicinity of the kitchen left coughing and rubbing their eyes - you have been warned!  It is worth the pain though.  This jelly is amazing.  Spread very thinly on crackers, crostini or whatever you desire, the heat from the chillli is warming with a lovely undertone (of what, I cannot say!).  Enjoy.

Makes 12 x 175ml (6 fl oz) jars

2kg (4lb) granulated sugar
500ml (17 fl oz) white wine vinegar
200g (7 oz) Scotch Bonnet chillis (you can use long red chillis - for a milder taste)
1  large red pepper, deseeded and sliced
250ml (8 fl oz) Certo apple pectin (from the sugar aisle at the supermarket)

As I didn't fancy having 12 jars lurking around, I used the following measurements which made 2.5 small jars instead:

500g granulated sugar
125ml white wine vinegar
50g chillis
1/4 red pepper
87.5ml Certo apple pectin

Sterilise jars and lids in the oven at a low temperature.

Cut the chillis in half and deseed.  Zap in a blender until finely chopped, add the sliced pepper and re-zap.
Pour the sugar into a large preserving pan or heavy saucepan, add the vinegar and place on the hob over a low heat stirring frequently to dissolve the sugar.  Turn up the heat slightly and boil until the mixture is syrupy and clear (the recipe says 20 mins (for 12 jar quantity), but for most reliable results use a jam thermometer - boil until it reaches 105 degrees C).

Add the the zapped chillis and pepper to the dissolved sugar and vinegar solution.  Bring it back to the boil over a medium heat until it again reaches 105 degrees C (recipe states 3 minutes for 12 jar quantity).

Remove from the heat and leave to cool for about 15 mins (12 jar quanitity) then stir in the Certo apple pectin.  Keep stirring until the mixture starts to thicken and the chillis are suspended in the mixture.

Use a funnel or jug to pour the mixture into the clean, sterilised jars.  If the chillis rise to the top of the jelly, pour it back into the pan and stir over a low heat until they are suspended.  Once jarred, seal tightly and allow to cool.

Chilli Jelly


Anonymous said...

Have you tried chilli chocolate it's yummy you should visit the chilli farm in devon they have over 1000 varieties of chilli

tis me said...

mmm sounds tasty xx