Thursday, 13 October 2011

Check this out - I won!

Came across a little giveaway on Reddskinbags' blog the other day, thanks to a post on Twitter and I was over-the-moon to find my name was picked out of the lucky hat to win some of her beautiful bunting.
Karen was celebrating her daughter's 21st birthday and asked blog commenters to reveal a celebration that was forthcoming and special to them.  Paul and I will be celebrating our 22nd anniversary of being together as a couple as the end of this month, it's a date that sticks in our minds probably more than our actual wedding anniversary - it's very special to us.  Paul was extra excited about winning the prize because he absolutely loves bunting.  His eyes lit up when we opened Karen's package this morning - all those colours and patterns - so cool.
If you haven't already checked out the gorgeous bags and accessories available to buy in Karen's shop, you really must (after you've read this post of course!!).  She uses the most gorgeous fabrics in her work, so colourful and stunning.

Thank you Reddskinbags xx

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reddskinbags said...

Wow! that was QUICK! I only posted it yesterday! Glad you and Paul love the bunting and enjoy your celebrations!
karen x