Saturday, 14 May 2011

Patchy for pre-school and a 50th anniversary card

I was very pleased to be asked, through a Twitter follower, if I'd like to make something for a raffle at Lawley Puddle Ducks Pre-School for the end of May - I made and gave one of my keepsake wallets. 

As unique as every Patchy I've made, I started with the hardest part (for me), choosing the combination of fabrics.  A good old rummage through my big bag of scraps or under my bed (where the larger materials are stored) - all recycled (I've only every paid for one piece of material so far!) and then away I went building it all up, hand sewing everything together.  My favourite part was deciding on the embellishments.  A long sift through my growing box of ribbons (the vast majority are recycled too) had me umming and ahhing over which ribbon or decoration to use for far too long!  Ben came up with the final choice plus the idea of a heart, which I cut from felt in a stunning blue and added a mini tibetan silver cat charm and hand embroidered flowers.  I have to say I was more than happy with the results (as I always am - I'd keep them all if I could) and have started to make another, for the shop, using the same fabric combinations.

Jo, who sent the original request, seemed mighty pleased with the donation - that put a big smile on my face too.
Ellie's Treasures

Ellie's Treasures

I have been longing to buy from Zygote Gifts ever since I came across her fabulous things on Folksy some time ago and my chance came when my in-laws celebrated their golden wedding anniversary earlier this year.  They are a very special couple, actually having two anniversaries; one for their original wedding date in March, which was overseas, and another for their British wedding blessing which was in April.

Paul and I bought them this very pretty card from Zygote Gifts with two little tags showing Golden Anniversary and their wedding date.  Cards and pictures like this are from the "Good News from Bad" collection where newspaper is recycled and handspun to produce gorgeous and new items.  Do check out Zygote Gifts shop, it's full of very special things.



Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Meow pusssycat! So cute! Am following (-;

Zygotegifts said...

beautiful wallet - and thanks for including my card!