Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fairy magic

There's always something a little magical and mysterious about fairies.  Most children grow up believing in them, whether it's fairies at the bottom of the garden, a mushroom circle being the homes of the wee folk or the good old tooth fairy (who still comes to visit my 11 year old).  Looking up the word fairy on Wikipedia bought some surprises - I didn't realise there were so many other variations in spelling or euphemisms either - I do like the term "people of peace" as that, to me, really sums up what a fairy symbolises. 

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I guess the form of Tinkerbell or the beautiful Flower Fairies is how must people imagine a fairy to look like, but there are plenty of other mythical creations that are grouped together with the fairy.  I explored these with Katie and Ben a few years ago when browsing through the amazing Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide.  Most of our learning books come from the library, but this was definitely one I had to buy to add to our book shelves - it's beautifully illustrated and really takes you on a wonderful journey.

When I came across some very cute little tibetan silver fairy charms recently (together with some mini cats and cottages), I knew I could use them to decorate the brooches I make.  Making little felt toadstools, decorated with the proud silver fairy, mini embroidered flowers, seed beads and sequins has been great fun.  The first two I made were snapped up very quickly which was fabulous, and I've just made one as a custom order and have another is available to buy at Ellie's Treasures.  My only problem has been photographing them as the red of the toadstool is a nightmare to get right.  Every photo, whether taken in different light or using different settings has produced a bright, in your face red rather than a calmer cherry tomato red.  Such a shame, images should reflect the item as perfectly as in real life and at the mo, I just can't seem to get this.  Any tips would be fabulous!

Ellie's Treasures
This was my first one and very similar to the custom order I've just made, although that has mini blue flowers rather than purple/lilac.


dawny said...

nice new blog :-) lovely x

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you kindly Dawn. Much more needed to do to complete the transformation including adding some link buttons (like the one to the Crafty Blog!). Elaine x