Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Doodle Schmoodle 30 day challenge

My doodle
Found this brilliant challenge idea from Betty's Place blog - 30 days worth of doodling can't be bad.  At least it gives me the opportunity to drink more tea and eat more biccies while I draw!
Katie's doodle
Katie and Ben decided to do the first day's doodle too, although they're not taking part in the complete challenge.  I think their "me, me, me" doodles are brilliant.
Ben's doodle
The whole doodle thing gave me an idea for their project work - history of the world.  We're looking at the very interesting Roman period and doodling about Roman soldiers, what they wore, how they fought, how long they had to stay in their army, etc., etc. has made it much more fun.  I learnt today that injured soldiers dressed their wounds with vinegar soaked cobwebs!  Love these little snippets of info., all thanks to "Romans Wore Togas" from the "I Wonder Why" series (Kingfisher).  This fun dress a Roman soldier game has helped things along as well.

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dawny said...

love the doodles :-) x