Saturday, 26 June 2010

Going back to basics

It's been wonderful weather here (and probably for the majority of the UK too) so we've been out and about a bit enjoying the fine warmth of the sunshine. We've taken a trip to Old Hunstanton where the sun shone and provided us with lovely heat right into the evening. Poppy had a fabulous time - you can read all about it on her blog here.

We are s.l.o.w.l.y. progressing with our history project and have (hooray) managed to finish the Stone Age section! We're now looking at Iron and Bronze Ages which we're hoping to move away from early next week. Don't get me wrong, these are interesting periods in our history, but in my view, and certainly the views of Katie and Ben, there's so much more to explore once these have been dealt with!
initial small fire
Ben's inital mini fire was small and very good.

Poppy helped with the stick collecting
Poppy helped collect the sticks!

Anyway, we have been learing about making fire using this good interactive Iron Age site from the BBC. Ben wanted to make his own fire outside by rubbing two sticks together. Naturally this didn't materialise into much, let alone a wisp of smoke. We did build a small fire of sticks with a stone surround which he enjoyed, but he had to use matches to get it lit! Later, for our evening meal, we built a proper open fire using the (metal) wheelbarrow as a perfect and safe enclosure for it. Cooking sausages for tea with oven cooked chips and yummy baked beans was just perfect. The coals were hot enough for marshmallows and a pan of melted chocolate for dessert. Wonderful - learning at its best.
Wheelbarrow fire
A roaring fire - the metal wheelbarrow made the perfect enclosure for it.

Waiting for food and dropped bits of food!
Ben, waiting for food. Poppy, waiting for dropped bits of food.

Marshmallows and melted chocolate
Marshmallows and melted chocolate for dessert.

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Christine said...

I love Poppy watching the food and willing the sausages to drop!