Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New lady in our household - she's a cutie

After having Buster, the gorgeous but rather boisterous Labrador X a few weeks ago and having to sadly return him, we, as a family, have seriously missed having a dog around place. We originally wanted to re-home a dog, rather than buy a puppy, and had looked at the Oldies website to try and find a dog that was settled with itself and would suit us, the cats and chickens!
By chance I came across this fabulous looking lady on the RSPCA website - 7 year old Poppy. She was a good 4 hours drive away, up in Manchester, but that didn't deter us. From the look on her friendly face and from the perfect description (used to children, cats and all round lovely and loving dog) I knew we should at least try to get the ball rolling, especially as she'd only just gone into kennels and was a "perfect" dog. The RSPCA were more than happy for us to come over and see her and once we'd had our home visit they were equally happy to wait for 3 weeks before we were all able to make the trip up there.
We took the trip Saturday just gone and were so lucky with the traffic on the way there. Motorways were clear and everything went smoothly, although a bad crash on the other carriageway, which remained closed for our return journey, meant we had to cross country on the way home.

When the lady brought Poppy through for us to meet she was so, so excited - all over the place with cuddles from everybody (that's the dog, not the lady!). I was a little surprised (and relieved) to find she was smaller than I imagined from her online photo. She certainly has lab in her and with the white fur and dotty ears, some dalmation along the way, but the kennels felt there was terrier in her - we shall never know.
We were offered to take her for a walk up the lane, which we did, and met a couple who regularly walk the kennelled dogs. They said Poppy was by far their favourite, so loving and friendly, and that everyone would really miss her. There was no doubting it, Poppy was certainly a great dog for our family. The only negative comment we heard was that apparently she didn't like cars. No one was sure whether this meant she would be sick in them or not! This was a bit of a downer as she would be travelling around with us in the car an awful lot and she had a 4 hour trip home! As it happened she was perfectly OK and continues to enjoy getting in the car and is really good and quite while she waits for Katie and me to finish at the stables each morning.
Anyway, no more nattering from me for now - but there'll be more in due course!

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Lima said...

She's gorgeous!

Looking forward to hearing lots more about her now I've found your blog again (was just playing with the random button!)