Monday, 8 February 2010

Aren't these lovely?

Katie made this little Polymer Clay teddy-bear face for her friend's teddy-bear's birthday!
Dandino's birthday brooch

She's been working alot with Polymer Clay recently, thanks to small collection of assorted coloured packages landing in her's and Ben's stockings at Christmas! A friend gave us "Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay" from a bundle of books he was going to give away. It's full of inspiration.

Katie is always making things using so whatever she can lay her hands on! This last week she's been making miniature tack for a friend's model horse.

This wooden dolly peg lady which she made a couple of weeks ago and looks so carefree would be perfect for Mother's Day.



birgittadesigns... said...

How cute, I used to love making peg dolls with my mum as a little girl too, hope she carrys on enjoying making xb

Julia said...

I love the peg doll!

Great makes :)