Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Who says you can't have a winter picnic?

Picked up a voucher for Domino's Pizza this afternoon so we just HAD to use it. Haven't had a take-out pizza in ages!

Packed up the picnic basket with a bottle of coke, cups and tissues and headed off for the grub. Living where we live, the pizza would have been cold by the time we'd got back home with it and we're too far away for delivery, so we sat in Bertie, the new Landie, with our picnic and pizza. Yum!

winter pizza picnic, Jan 2010

winter pizza picnic, Jan 2010
Bit dark but you can just make out two munching faces!

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Top Floor T said...

Haha :) Picnics in vehicles can be fun! When we were away camping in the summer, we drove to get a pizza to eat back at the tent, but then there was torrential rain so we had a picnic in the camper, parked next to the tent, and stayed in there till the rain stopped :)