Sunday, 27 December 2009

More snowy pics

With AJ having a bout of nasty coughing and then the heavy snow, Katie hasn't been able to ride him very much at all lately. He and his yard mate Sid, also haven't really enjoyed stepping out in the field with all the cold snow around, especially as it means there's no ready to eat grass, they had to snuffle around, hunting for it through all the snow! However, after a couple of days, the idea of getting out of the stable and into the field made them quite exciteable - galloping, chasing each other, rearing, bolting and having a good old roll where all on the cards!


AJ having a roll


We took the opportunity to enjoy the snow by taking our new pride and joy, Bertie the Defender, out along one of the lanes we discovered by the Ouse in King's Lynn during the summer. We actually promised ourselves to take fish and chips along the next time we went, so we could sit and watch the water enjoying our grub. This didn't happen, it was way too cold, but we did enjoy the snow. The whole scene was stunning and I was really pleased with the photos that I took with my new phone.

with Bertie



deep snow, big footprints


tis me said...

lovely pics :-) xx

Ellie's Treasures said...

Cheers! They make me feel cold just looking at them!