Friday, 13 November 2009

Update on Poppy

What a little fighter she is! I am truly amazed that one so small, having gone through so much in these last few weeks, hasn't given up and decided to leave us.
Having hand fed and watered Poppy at least 4 times a day since last Friday we have seen her go from strength to strength, gradually using one, then the other, front paw as the week has progressed. She's now up to feeding herself and walking around pretty much as she did and we're so proud of her. Her next challenge (should she decide to accept it), is to start climbing around in her cage rather than remaining on the bottom layer. I shall report further in due course!

Katie received a letter last week telling her that a photo of Meg and Poppy that she sent into Pony Magazine had been accepted and will be printed in the current issue (12th November). Katie was over-the-moon, having sent the photo in during the summer months, she'd given up hope that it would be chosen. A lovely red rosette, sent by the magazine for the little rats, has been displayed, ready for chewing, on their cage.

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