Thursday, 19 November 2009

Certificates and prizes

Katie and Ben have been taking part in a six week introductory course in archery. Ben did a "give it a go" session last summer and loved it. Katie had a quick try too and both decided they'd like to do the course. The guys running it were very good and with a total of just four people taking part meant everyone had loads of opportunities to practise aiming and shooting straight arrows.
They learnt how to string and unstring their bows, get the correct posture and use their eyes correctly to aim well. They also learnt about scoring, had fun with "dartchery" (playing a game of darts but using bow and arrows), scoring, and getting to grips with calling the centre circle a "gold" rather than a "bullseye" (which was probably the hardest thing to learn).
Other players would come along to "shoot" during the training sessions. Some of the bows were amazing pieces of art, very, very heavy and extremely costly. These guys would score a "gold" 9 times out of 10! Katie and Ben were scoring a few by the end of the six weeks too.

They got certificates at the end of the course which now means, should they wish to, they can join any archery club to continue their practise and learning.

The rosette in the photo is another story. You may remember me blogging about Katie's online dressage entry and how she came 7th in her class (of 37). Imagine our amazement when we got an email informing us that she'd come 2nd out of the junior entries for this class, winning herself the lovely rosette and even better, a cash prize! Wow!

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