Thursday, 15 October 2009

Part 5 - coming home via Luss and Berwick

We were extremely sad to be leaving Skye behind. We'd had a fabulous time, with wonderful weather and excellent company. We were amused to find the weather change for our journey back into England, but luckily once we'd arrived at our overnight camp stop at Luss, the rain had stopped.

It felt very strange being back at Luss a week later. In fact, we nearly didn't get a pitch there as those in charge hadn't made a note of my call to book. Luckily one of the guys remembered us and gave us the same pitch, right by the water as before. The air felt cooler, much more autumnal, and our mood was far different from that just a week before.

Our final stop was a campsite close to the beach at Berwick-upon-Tweed. About 3 hours drive from Luss, we had time to stop off for a quick scoot around Ikea on the outskirts of Edinburgh! I think we added another hour trying to find our way back to the main road after this though, the road signs were appalling.

Berwick was nice and friendly. Another campsite with stables, Katie was booked in for an hour's beach hack which she thoroughly enjoyed (of course). Luckily for us, having decided to stay the Saturday night at Luss, rather than the original plan of two nights at Berwick, we were told by other campers that a large party of youngsters had kept most people up Saturday night with their noise! We had a very peaceful Sunday night camp, although the wind really blew and that kept us awake for most of the night instead!!
Holy Island

I forgot to mention about the camping poles which I think were weakened during our first night's stay in the Lakes. The main poles are fibreglass and two of the four had split during the holiday, probably under stress when putting up the tent, although I think being on the hill camber didn't help. Luckily, as you may recall from my first post, Katie managed to sneak in the gaffa tape with all her other crafts, which came into good use to keep the poles together. Without it, I don't know what we'd have done!

Our final leg of the journey home seemed long and boring. We stopped off to view Holy Island, Lindisfarne, and had lunch at a nearby restaurant to try and cheer ourselves up! I tried to do a bit of HE, getting the kids to remember learning about the history of the area when we studied Vikings - no use, they'd forgotten all of it except the computer reinaction game they'd played at the time!

It was nice to get home, pick up the cats and rats and get back to the "normal" routine of life. We are all missing Skye and our friends and we keep checking the on-line estate agent lists, and dreaming. We shall certainly go back, perhaps by train next time and hire a car to get around the island. It would be lovely to see Skye in the winter months to experience some rough weather.

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