Sunday, 18 October 2009

Chocolate week

This was firmly planted in our diary - 12th - 18th October was, according to the Morrisons magazine, chocolate week.

Luckily Ben had a Horrible Histories style book all about chocolate which he'd borrowed from the library, so we were able to read about it's history before we started.

Katie did all the chocolate goodies for the week, they included:

"Wicked Chocolate Squares", a bit like chocolate cheesecake with it's syrup and biscuit base and thick dark chocolate topping (drizzled with white chocolate).

Forefront - "Mars Bar Crispie Cakes" with Rice Krispies and Mars bar base and dark chocolate topping - very yummy. In the background - "Chocolate Truffles" with a small dash of brandy added to the mixture!

She also make a huge tub of "Swiss Mountain Ice Cream". So very, very rich, we've only really had a small scoopful at a time. It had milk, condensed milk, sugar, milk chocolate, double cream and Toblerone in it. Need I say more.

She was also going to make mocca chocolate mousse but by the end of the week we were all a little chocolated out!

This looks like a nice website all about chocolate.


Will said...

Wow where can I get the recipe from for those delicious looking Wicked Chocolate Squares?

VivJM said...

And did you know that this week (w/c 19th October) is National Baking Week?! Choccies all look delicious.

Dawny said...

gosh and my birthday was the 18th, no wonder i'm such a choc addict lol your week sounds very yummy xx

Elaine said...

I found out today Viv, thanks to the Asda magazine.

Elaine said...

Choc addicts here too Dawn!!