Thursday, 14 May 2009

Theatre trip - Woeful World War II

from the Horrible Histories series by Terry Deary and Phil Clark came to our local theatre. We went along with some others from HE group 1 to see the fabulous show on Wednesday afternoon. It was performed by The Birmingham Company, and was not just educational, but fun too as it featured "Bogglevision"!
As we are watching the CBBC Horrible Histories series on TV at the moment, we weren't too sure what to expect. In fact Ben thought he'd be sitting listening to 2 hours of WWII snippets! It wasn't like this at all, it was far, far better. Just four actors/actresses put on the show, a musical play set in war time Coventry about two families whose children were evacuated to the "horrible" countryside (Wales). Popular war time songs were belted out together with a new (I think) song about keeping things quiet to save the troops which involved the whole audience joining in. During the interval we were handed 3D specs to wear for the second half of the show, which brought the backdrops to life. Bombers flying overhead, guard dogs barking madly (and a rather scary cow) right in front of our faces, bombs exploding - all in 3D which had the children (and adults I'm sure) getting very excited (there was plenty of screaming from the kids that's for sure). My favourite part was right at the end when a plane dropped poppies "over the audience" - seen through the glasses it was quite moving and actually brought a lump to my throat. It was very convincing, so much so that lots of people were reaching out for them.

It's on at the Key Theatre, Peterborough tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday with two shows each day and a choice of WWII or Frightful First World War. Would have loved to have seen that one too.

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