Sunday, 31 May 2009

Fun in the sun

Paul had a week's holiday so we've been chilling lots and enjoying the fabulous weather. Have done plenty of gardening and have also invested in a much needed strimmer (although still undecided if it's good enough to really tackle our jungle).

Right, let's think what's gone on.

Katie made these superbly delicious chocolate cakes. We browsed the cakes section of a recipe book for inspiration and liked the sound of the thick fudge icing - heavenly. Paul says the photo makes them look like something else - I can tell you they certainly didn't taste like it!!
Katie has been riding AJ every morning except Friday. She's coming along in leaps and bounds and is mastering dressage techniques on him now. Katie also had a very energetic riding lesson this week and managed to jump a 2' 9" fence on Icy. She's been practising higher fences ready for the next showjumping contest next Sunday. She's had time to try out three different horses this time so hopefully she'll have a bit more luck horse wise on the day.

Ben's had his usual tennis lesson and is still loving it. Thinking of putting him up to 1 hour lessons very soon as the 1/2 hour seems to go so quickly.

Thursday we all went to London to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Adelphi Theatre (with Gareth Gates in the lead); my birthday present from Paul and the children. First London theatre trip for Ben and all very exciting. We were way up in the Gods but still had a good view - love the tunes which I quietyly hummed away to! The weather was perfect for wandering round St. James' Park beforehand, watching the pelicans on the lake and constantly having very tame squirrels at our feet looking for their next snippet of a meal. Before the show we ate at Pizza Express on The Strand. I was hoping to use £40 of Tesco vouchers but they were extremely slow to turn up in the post and didn't arrive in time. Unfortunately this meant we had a meal bill of just over £70! It was delicious though and made us realise what wonderful pizzas they make compared to some other pizza restaurants. Their ice cream too was the best and Katie and I found their Sicilian Lemonade very drinkable. Anyway, at least we have vouchers now to use another time. Journey home seemed long - we didn't hit our sacks until after 1 a.m. but that didn't matter, it was a perfect day out.

Friday we were planning on a visit to Cambridge Botanic Gardens, but after our busy Thursday we decided a day at home would be just the ticket. The children completed their mini projects for the "May" wall - Ben writing about Ian Fleming and James Bond and Katie writing about Badminton and The Royal Windsor horse trials which both took place during this month. Later Ben had a sleepover at his cousin's house which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Yesterday we enjoyed the weather once again with a barbeque early evening and the children enjoying the trampoline afterwards. We decided to let Billy (the rabbit) have a little roam around the garden while we were sitting on the lawn which he seemed to enjoy. Nearly "lost" him a couple of times and had to stop Pepper chasing him around the chicken run!

Today we officially adopted Kandar cat having finally (thanks to Katie) plucked up the courage to ask Kandar's mum if she was aware that her cat is spending an awful lot of time at our house. She was happy for us to take him on - yeh - another pet to our growing family!

We dug out the water canal, a toy we've had for so long and a toy that gets played with year after year.
Photobucket #
Meg and Poppy having a ride in a toy fire engine - they look like soft toys don't they?

After this we all played in Ben's room, rats 'n all, with Ben uncovering the piano for a bit of a tune (lovely to hear him tinkling the ivories again) and us all playing with Lego and what have you.
Katie put her creative skills into action and made an arena for her model horses, she's also been making lots of lovely miniature tack for swapping with on-line horsey mates for other model horse goodies. Paul demonstrated how helium can change your voice using the left over gas from my 40th birthday balloon - he sang "hickory dickory dock" and had us all in fits.

Thinking ahead to the next couple of months work wise - I have a few ideas, just need to put them into practise.

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