Thursday, 2 April 2009


With World Poetry Day on 21st March and Vincent van Gogh's birth date 30th March, we killed two birds with one stone and covered two subjects with one piece of work. Having browsed through an article in a gardening mag on sunflowers, viewed Gogh's lovely painting of the same theme and learnt about his life, Katie and Ben set too drawing and painting a variety of sunflowers using different mediums - pencil, watercolour and oil. Once dry, they each wrote poems about sunflowers. End results made a lovely colourful ending to our month of March wall display.

Ben (on the left):

Their large leaves sway in the wind,
They are lovely, huge and bright.
They are giant, pretty and tall and
they made people feel happy.

Katie (on the right):

Sunflowers are bright
Reaching hight into the sky
Making everyone feel happy
Very tall and beautiful
With their harvest of seeds in Autumn

Into April already! Where does the time go? Answers on a postcard please ....

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