Wednesday, 11 March 2009

North Lincs. weekend visits

We took advantage of the "visit Lincolnshire weekend" by braving the weather on Sunday to visit three attractions in North Lincs. and we had a lovely day out.

Packed a picnic of pizza (much nicer than (my) sandwiches!) and lots of yummies (we added up the approx. calories for our lunch and won't horrify you with the outcome! At least we don't do this on a regular basis) and headed off leaving a rather pleasant home, weather wise, to a speedy build up of rain clouds further north. By the time we'd reach our first place, Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, it was blowing a mini gale and chucking it down with rain! Shame. We braved it for about 10 mins. and saw some rather weather beaten horses and ponies before running back to the shelter of our car. We shall definitely visit there again - a welcoming place and well kept yards, stables and paddocks. We could get close enough to the rescue horses and ponies to stroke them. Just need a decent day for it!

Our next stop was a motor museum on the edge of Lincoln itself. Quite small but interesting and well layed out. It seemed pretty popular too and had old buses doing drop offs from Lincoln to the museum which was nice. The star car seemed to be an old Austin, but I can't for the life of me remember the rest of it's name (Champ seems to ring a bell)! As you can see from the pic, it's like an old army jeep (that'll probably make some car fans really gringe - apologies) and it is a real beauty. Credit goes to Paul for the photos - I like the one of the "Austin" sign.
Finally, an impromptu stop off enroute home at the RAF Cranwell museum. This was probably the best one of the day! On the website it looked a little dull I have to admit, but it kept us all busy with interactive learning and lots to read and ponder. A very enthusiastic chappy made a bee-line for Paul to have a chat about the RAF - bless! Ben really enjoyed the flight simulator and managed, after a few attempts, to land a plane without crashing or running out of fuel. My Dad was based at one of the Norfolk RAF bases during WWII and I reckon there's a good chance he trained at Cranwell as it was, and still is, a RAF training college. Saw pictures of Tiger Moths - a plane he used to train in apparently.

We drove home through strong winds, heavy rain and icy sleet - not pleasant. Our new car is a little on the light side when it comes to this kind of weather and we were really being buffetted around.

A great Sunday out and we were home in time to cook a roast for the evening.

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What a lovely day :-)