Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Ben joined in the art group meet up last week, it was based on sculpture so I thought he'd find it interesting. I was really impressed with his commitment and he listened to the instructions and any assistance offered by S or me and produced a lovely piece of sculpture and art to the end of the session. Not wanting to sound like I'm giving all the praise to Ben, but Katie and art seem to go together and she loves dappling with various art materials and trying new things and produces some lovely results.

The children used craft knives and scissors (strictly no glue or sticky tape) to turn large plastic milk bottles into any form of sculpture they wished. Katie made a stable with an enclosed field for a horse, barrels, bushes, gates etc. All very inventive. Ben turned his bottle into something or other - not sure what but he took time thinking it all through and used the craft knife really carefully (something he can find difficult, being left handed).
Once sculptures were complete, the children used A3 paper, chalk, charcoal and graphite to draw their sculpture (to fill the page) using light and dark to try and make their work as life like as possible.

Yesterday, Katie and I finally got around to following the tutorial on Arty Factory using chalk pastels to produce a very colourful Angel fish. Here's our results:


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Julia Pollard said...

wow, fabulous drawings! Sounds like a great art group :o)