Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow day

Bleak - across the fields towards the marshes.

Having been quite disappointed by our tiny smattering of snow on Monday, I was over-the-moon to hear that our area was due some heavy snow from early Thursday morning. 3 a.m. the weather person said, and continuous snow fall through 'till 9 a.m. Just like an excited kid, I jumped out of bed at 6 to witness no snow fall at all - not a flake had landed on the ground during the night. However ... woke an hour later to a fabulous bundle of white stuff - nearly 4 inches. The children were still fast asleep and I didn't know whether to wake them or not! Remembering what the weather person had said, I did wake them at about 7:30. A blanket of snow is always such a pretty sight, even though a number of people (usually adults) get fed up with it after a few hours - it changes how we hear and view our world.

Heavy with snow - shrubs in the front garden.

Across the field to the village.

Down the lane - I was the first to make footprints!

After lunch the snow was turning to slush in places but we all went for a walk and stopped off at the park for a family snowball fight! We dug the cobwebbed sledge out from the shed so I could pull Katie and Ben around the roads before heading off towards the marsh in search for any kind of incline we could fine! The best one was down a small bank into someone's field! Luckily a fence kept anyone from seeing us. Although a short slide down, Katie and Ben had great fun - in fact Ben announced it had been "the best day ever". I realised my trusty walking boots were well and truly done and dusted (luckily I'd got a replacement for Christmas) - my feet were squelching by the time we'd reached home.

Luckily Paul didn't really have to venture out in the car for work this week. The roads weren't gritted (as is usually the case), and were, naturally, pretty dangerous.

Hope you had a fun and safe time in the snow.
Little snowman


Dawny said...

yes we enjoyed it too, love the pics - bleak - yes it looks it. x

CJ said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow Elle. I wish I'd taken some one it appeared untouched.

CJ x

Anonymous said...

That is pretty impressive snow, we could have done with more of that here.

Linda said...

Looks fantastic!

The snow brings out the five year old in me too, lol! Our snow was pitiful compared with your though - one of the drawbacks of living near the sea I suppose...