Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy belated birthday Mr. Darwin

Had a good day today! After maths (not ratios - couldn't face them) we turned to Charles Darwin to learn about him and his evolution and natural selection theories. Luckily, being the bicentenary year, there's plenty of websites out there to help as I don't think I've ever learnt anything about Darwin in all my (many) years.

Enchanted Learning was the best to kick us off and it really did kick us off. Ben was very enthusiastic about life, death and what not. Lots of discussion (or argument as he called it) on everything to do with this topic, even involved the deaths of my father and grandmother!

I noticed on TV last night that the BBC has webpages on Darwin - they're really good. There's a link on there to order a free Tree of Life poster from OU, which we've done.

So, we read about his life, HMS Beagle, Galapagos Islands (where they are, how they were formed) and it's many unique plant and animal life. Ben was very pleased to see there are penguins on the Galapagos, even though it's so close to the Equator; he absolutely adores penguins. Katie chose to draw and write about the many finches on the islands, Ben did the Lava Iguana and I did the Marine Iguana.

Enjoyed watching the Blue Footed Booby dance (a bird from the islands) on You Tube. So cute!


Dawny said...

sounds good Elaine :-) I'll give those pages a visit with the girls i think, we were watching some of the huge tortoises on the tv yeterday.

Claire said...

We also have ordered the Tree of Life poster. Ours hasn't arrived yet but a friend has received hers and she says it is excellent.