Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Family birthdays this week

It was Paul's birthday on Monday and Katie's 12th birthday on Wednesday.

Billy also enjoyed the sunshine by having a hop around in his run. He has a fabulous winter coat this year because he's been outside.

As always when we eat at The Indian Cottage, we enjoyed a lovely family evening celebrating both birthdays. Should slow down on the restaurant thing - it was only New Year's Eve when we last had a meal there - not good for purse or waistline!

Paul worked from home for his day on Monday, which was lovely, and the sun shone for Katie's on Wednesday. We made the most of it and headed out into the garden for most of the afternoon. The chickens seem to find the warmest spots to catch some vitamin D from the rays, and we all had a kick around with the footie, joined by Kanda the visiting cat. Later Ben helped me cut up a few twigs and branches from our bundle cut down in October. Really needed the sunshine - certainly perked us all up, it's been so dull for so long hasn't it?
My young lady - can't believe she's been part of our lives for 12 years!

Katie's friend from Wales dropped by (she was down "our way" for a long weekend) for a short visit on Tuesday. Hardly saw the pair of them - they were busy putting on a model horse show in Katie's room and playing with the rats. Layed on a very unhealthy bundle of mini-eats - pizza, garlic bread, cakes, biscuits and a bowl of grapes (her friend adores them) - all disappeared (surprise, surprise). The state of Katie's room afterwards was, well, unbelieveable. A mega, mega tidy up will have to happen at the weekend, you can just about get in through the door!
One of Katie's presents - a model horse sculpting kit - will post up the finished horse.



Hannah said...

Happy birthday to Katie and Paul!
The sunshine has been very welcome here too :o)

Dawny said...

Happy Birthday :-) xx
cool horse there, very clever.

there's an award for you on my blog