Monday, 26 January 2009

Celebrating the life of Robert Burns

Had a fun day today.

After maths first thing, we looked at the life of Robert (Rabbie) Burns. I'm sure many folk were celebrating his life yesterday for Burns' Night whether in Scotland or not.

So, while enjoying many a Bagpipe tune on You Tube (the clip above being my favourite as it includes the "Gay Gordons" which, not only is "my song" (see alittle further down), but also brings back fabulous memories of learning the dance at a Ball once), we read about his full, but very short, 37 years of life. We also listened and understood the words to the famous "Auld Lang Syne", tracked down the Selkirk Grace (which we've recited several times today), read about what actually goes into a Haggis and enjoyed tatties and neeps this evening with our meal.

Ancestors on my Mum's side are from the Gordon clan and later this afternoon we found out that Paul has Buchanan in his family so it made sense to also look at the different tartan patterns for all the clans out there. I grew up to believe that each clan had just one tartan, but it seems not! I think there's four Gordon and many more Buchanan tartans. We each designed our own tartan too which made for a nice family art session.

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