Sunday, 11 January 2009

Anne Frank and -3 temperatures!

We have been watching the 1/2 hour episodes on TV this week and have really enjoyed them. I remember buying the Anne Frank diary a long time ago and never really getting around to reading it, in fact I remember adding it to a pile for the charity shop when we moved house a few years ago. Sadly, now we've watched the story on TV, I think Katie may have enjoyed reading the actual book. Whereas I always find watching a "true life" film or TV programme easier to digest than reading the book, Katie says she finds it easier to read than watch. The book is obviously still around so will hunt it down for her.

We did a project on WWII a couple of years ago, but I don't recall talking at length about the terrible lack of respect for the Jewish community during the war years, or about Anne Frank. I've found a couple of websites that we'll be looking at this week just to learn a little more about Anne's and her diary.

This first site has a simple words/pictures theme about Anne and her life in the attic and this one has a list of different sites to explore - the diary reference was particularly interesting.

It has been bitterly cold here these last couple of days, although not as cold as the -9 or -12 in the South of England. When taking Katie to stable club on Saturday morning, the car readout read -3 and it stayed at that temperature for most of the day. The chickens' and rabbit's water was absolutely solid. This, of course, has happened before (well for the chickens anyway), but we've been able to break the ice pretty easily. Not this time, it was a thaw by hot water job for the chickens, and a thaw by the fire for the rabbit water bottle (and the rabbit actually - he enjoys the occasional run around the house (chewing the wires I must add)). I found the perfect little bubble wrap bag that fitted the water bottle just right and used this last night, but the temperature had "soared" to a decent 7 degrees so there was no need! Been blustery today but we managed to get out for a walk this afternoon to blow the cobwebs away.



K said...

we (my 9-yr-old daughter and me) enjoyed the Anne Frank programme too, thanks for the links.

Kara x

Anonymous said...

WE've watched Anne Frank this week.
Thankyou for your comment on my blog

A. xx